Food Metal mixes done!

Tonight, well over two years after I decided to resurrect my Food Metal project (the one I threw together in one month’s time in 2004), I declared the mixes finished! Here is a sampler, an appetizer if you will, until the main course is served! About 30 seconds of each of the 10 tracks that will appear on the finished product: 8 reheated leftovers from the 2004 album, plus 2 brand new recipes.

It’s a Conspiracy! A SOUL Conspiracy!

At the urging of my good friend and former bandmate Ben Wiser, I’ve uploaded the first demo recording from my first band Soul Conspiracy, recorded way back in 1990!

I think we’ve all come a long way from those days! Listening to this stuff again brings back lots of old memories. We recorded at the legendary House of Faith in Palo Alto, California, with Bart Thurber, taking advantage of his “hundred dollar punk rock two day special”. We were very young and inexperienced, and ill-prepared for the recording studio. We were sloppy, we didn’t have endings figured out for most of our songs, and we tried to record far too many songs in the time we had. Listening to my own playing, I can easily tell which songs I had lead guitar parts figured out for and which ones I didn’t. I also shouldn’t have used that junky Gibson Explorer guitar I owned in those days, it just wasn’t as good of a guitar as my other one and I think my parts would have sounded a lot better if I hadn’t used it! “But James Hetfield plays an Explorer so it must be better…: Oh well, I’m older and wiser now! There’s certainly a youthful enthusiasm to these tracks that can I can never duplicate, and we had a lot of cool ideas, good riffs, and catchy songs.