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Terror Toys live footage

I recently had some Terror Toys footage from over 21 years ago digitized. This footage is old enough to drink! Look at all that hair I had! This was from my second show with the band at One Step Beyond, in Santa Clara, California. We were opening for Vain, which was a pretty big deal for me at the time as I was quite a fan, and it was my first time ever opening for a band who’d had a major record deal. So we get to the club to load in, and the first thing I see is Davy Vain asking me where the bathroom is. Another funny thing from that show… you’ll see in the “London Reign” clip that in the early days, we’d have someone come out onstage in a Grim Reaper costume to throw roses at all the girls in the audience. So I had dyed my hair that night, and I didn’t want anyone to see before we hit the stage, but there were no restrooms in the backstage area, you had to go through the club to get to them. So naturally, I donned the Grim Reaper outfit and had our friend Brian guide me through the crowd so I could go pee. But as soon as I left our dressing room, there were all five members of Vain! They probably were thinking “what in the hell?!?”

I actually ran into Davy Vain a few years ago, at a Combichrist show, of all places!

Anyway, enjoy! I hope to get more old live footage digitized and put online at some point.

Latest video projects

I put together a few new videos the last few weeks. Last week, I made a music video for “I’ll Never Be The Same Again”, from the Now You’re Gone album. It’s done in a behind the scenes in the recording studio format, although of course I actually recorded the song over five years ago!

Previously, I created a slide show video for Terror Toys’ “Found Myself Dead”. It was one of our best songs, and features one of the best guitar solos I’ve ever done.