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Latest video projects

I put together a few new videos the last few weeks. Last week, I made a music video for “I’ll Never Be The Same Again”, from the Now You’re Gone album. It’s done in a behind the scenes in the recording studio format, although of course I actually recorded the song over five years ago!

Previously, I created a slide show video for Terror Toys’ “Found Myself Dead”. It was one of our best songs, and features one of the best guitar solos I’ve ever done.


I figured I should get the old website up and running again…

Hi! has been down for some time, and since I’m doing a lot more with music lately, I figured I’d better revive my web presence. It may be some time before this thing is presentable, but hey, at least it’s better than a blank page! In the meantime, please like me on Facebook to see my regular updates there. I’ve been working on presenting old music and creating new music, as well as commemorating the 5 year anniversary of my album “Now You’re Gone”. More soon!