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Food Metal mixes done!

Tonight, well over two years after I decided to resurrect my Food Metal project (the one I threw together in one month’s time in 2004), I declared the mixes finished! Here is a sampler, an appetizer if you will, until the main course is served! About 30 seconds of each of the 10 tracks that will appear on the finished product: 8 reheated leftovers from the 2004 album, plus 2 brand new recipes.

It’s alive!

My poor old studio computer has been ill for awhile. I’ve had it for 8 years! It’s still running Windows XP! I didn’t want to get a new music PC because I’m gradually switching over to Logic Pro / Mac, but I also have loads of old unfinished music on the other system so I needed to get it going again. Now, at long last, it is!

I won’t give away too much about one project in particular I will work on now that the old system is going again, but let’s just say it’ll leave you HUNGRY for more!