A New Machine

So I’m back at it, playing live shows, but with a twist! As opposed to the minimalist approach I’ve been taking ever since the “Now You’re Gone” album came out, I’m now performing to backing tracks to present a fuller / more rocking representation of my songs. It’s going great so far; I did my first show with backing last night and it turned out terrific. Can’t wait to share with you! I’m working on building out a lineup of musicians to back me up, but even just me and the laptop is pretty fun.

I’m returning to the South Bay on September 2nd, performing with Kenny Thomas And The Southern Baptists and Mr. Smooth. Should be a great time. I’m also pleased to announce that Dane Johnson, my longtime friend and collaborator dating back to my old band Control Theory, will be once again backing me up on bass guitar.

Finally, I’ve got two songs recorded and in the can and have for some time now… I’m thinking I’ll get two to three more recorded by the end of the year and put out an EP. Sound good? 🙂

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